The Cigar Association of America, Inc. (CAA) is the national trade organization of cigar manufacturers, importers and distributors as well as major suppliers to the industry. Originally established in New York City in 1937 as Cigar Manufacturers of America, the CAA's roots date back to predecessor organizations prior to 1900.


All About Cigars

Cigar Smoking in the Winter: Tips for battling the law-and the elements

There’s nothing better than lighting up your favorite toro on a snowy winter evening.

How can the average citizen defend cigar rights in their community?

It’s unfortunate that we even need to be discussing how to “defend” your right to smoke a cigar. The very thought is enough to make our...

Cigars and Social Media

For us at CAA, we make it our business to advocate on behalf of the cigar industry and its consumers – and to keep you informed of our progress throughout...

Q&A Taxes

Q – Why shouldn’t cigars be taxed like cigarettes?

Q&A Little Cigars

Q – Why is there any confusion about the difference between little cigars and cigarettes?


FDA Releases Deeming Rule on Cigars
Cigar Association of America To Continue Working Closely With Food and Drug Administration as Agency Moves to Regulate Cigars
Setting the Record Straight On Flavored Cigars
CAA has always supported efforts to keep kids from smoking – but what we can’t support are false perceptions about the cigar industry.
CAA Media Release On Marketplace Fairness Act
The Cigar Association of America and Pipe Tobacco Council today called on members of Congress to stand together and defeat the Marketplace Fairness Act
Meeting Local Threats to Cigar Industry and Customers
As a matter of law, preemption means that local jurisdictions cannot pass legislation more restrictive than state law. Here at the Cigar Association of America, it’s more than a matter of law; it’s a matter of common sense.